Eceen Solar Charger | Review

eceen 13w solar charger

My Quick Review

The eceen 13w Solar charger is a portable, foldable solar panel perfect for those who wish to charge small electronic devices or batteries when outdoors.  It features two USB sockets and is more than capable of fully re-charging a smartphone in under three hours, which is not bad considering it is free power.

My Full Review

As I have ventured more and more into the hills I began documenting my “adventures” by vlogging about them (with varying degrees of success).  This in turn meant that I was using more power in the various devices I used to capture my pursuits.  To avoid carrying spare batteries or power bars I began looking for a solar option which seemed quite optimistic for someone living in Scotland but through my own research I decided to go for the eceen 13w charger.

My choice was made by both the higher power output from the four solar panels (5v) and the sheer slimness of it when folded closed.  If it wasn’t for the double USB socket then it would be around 1cm thick, which is pretty amazing, but sits no more than 1inch total.

Dual USB

The low profile means that you can happily slide it into the back of a ruck-sack and if the manufacture’s claims are true then it can be bent up to a 40° angle, which again is quite superb.  I can’t say I have been brave enough to test the 40° claim but I can vouch for the robustness, having found myself pressing it rather firmly into an already full ruck-sack with no fear of it breaking.

As well as the brilliant charging power, even in poor Scottish sun, it has a great zip compartment for storing slim devices while charging.  This means that you can happily slot your mobile phone away while still walking, providing you are facing the panels at the sun… obviously.  Another smart idea is the addition of webbing straps.  These allows you to secure the charger onto the outside of your ruck-sack or suspend it when at camp by your preferred means.  This could be by the four caribiners supplied or simply by tying it (or you can rest it on the built-in kick-stand).  Either way you won’t be stuck for options. 

Zip Pocket & Caribiners

My Verdict

– “a simply brilliant piece of equipment that works better than any others I have tried”

The Skinny;

  • Build: High quality polyester outer for weather-resistance and durability.  Webbing straps enable easy attachment or hanging.  Elasticated pocket for storing slim devices, easy magnetic fold for closing and built-in kick-stand.Half the weight of other 13W and 14W solar panels on the market at around 400 grams.  Folding size only 14 x 7 x 1 inches.
  • Power: Constructed with SUNPOWER solar cells giving up to 22% more efficiency than similar panels*.  Provides 2A output (MAX) for easier and faster charging.  Voltage regulator to ensure stable voltage and current to protect your device(s) while charging.  Dual USB output supports 2 devices simultaneously.
*manufacturer’s claim

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