My Local | Meikle Bin

As my first post about my little adventures exploring Scotland I thought it would be fitting that I tell you about my local.

Meikle Bin from the north

I think that everyone in Scotland has a hill, or range of hills, that they class as their locals and for me it is The Campsie Hills, or more commonly known as The Campsies. For as long as I can remember I was able to look out of a window in my home (until recently) and see them. A long stretch of smooth topped hills that somehow filled me with wonder and a sense of adventure. I always wanted to climb them or go for day trips up them and when I couldn’t I would look and dream of the route I would take should I ever grow-up and be able to explore them.

As time passed I realised that The Campsies were a lot closer than I thought and took them for granted. I have climbed portions of them goodness knows how many times and my favourite peak is still the range’s highest. The Meikle Bin. At 1,870ft (570m) high it wont pose any challenge to even the most novice of walkers but it does grant brilliant views of the Clyde valley and, on a clear day, much of Stirlingshire and the Forth bridges.

The summit, looking north west

My love for this wee hill is its accessibility, views, my memories and the little piece of history sitting close to the top (featured here). I urge everyone to give this wee hill some consideration if you are looking to start hillwalking or if you just want a quick summit with beautiful views, weather dependant obviously.

Snow covered Meikle Bin

What’s your local?

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