Recycled Power

Goji 100050 mAh Power-bank

A simple and robust aluminium design.

My Quick Review:

A second hand, compact and robust power-bank that is capable of re-charging a smart phone twice. Aluminium body, simple light interface, two output ports and only 223g. A bit of a lengthy charge time of around 5.5 hours.

My Full Review

I head out into the hills to escape day to day life but when I am there it’s nice to know I can contact the world if something goes wrong. For me it’s also re-assuring to know that I have enough power in my recording equipment if I am vlogging about my trip.

Fully charged, it will re-charge a smartphone at least twice.

I was on the search for a small but powerful power-bank and had considered the Anker powercore+ 13400mAh which was priced around £29.99 everywhere I looked. Fortune swung my way when I was visiting a branch of CEX to recycle some old tech myself as when I was leaving the store I spotted this Goji power-bank. After a quick bit of research while stood in the store I decided to buy it. The cherry being that it was only £12.00 as it was second hand. A google search shows that a well known UK technology retailer is selling the Goji model for around £24.99, brand new.

A few dents and scrapes but fully working.

My only concern when buying this was that it may not hold a charge as well as would be expected due to being second hand… this is not the case. On my trials I have managed to fully re-charge my Samsung S9 smart phone twice, which had around 2% battery life and for a piece of technology that is recycled I don’t think that you can ask any more of it. The one negative point about this, like with most power-banks of this capacity, is that it takes around 5.5 to 6 hours to re-charge from empty. This is when recharging via a USB wall socket.

The specs.


  • Robust aluminium body
  • Simple 4 light indication
  • 2x USB outputs


  • 223g
  • 5.5 hours average recharge

My Verdict;

– a great piece of tech that is becoming more and more required these days. If you can get one second hand then you win environmental points too!

Let me know your thoughts. Is a power-bank part of your set-up, have you got a power-bank and would you consider buying technology second hand?

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