West Island Way – 3/3

(Stage 3) Port Bannatyne Loop

Port Bannatyne Loop

After a superb (and I mean superb!) night’s sleep at our camp-spot, Sid and I woke to damp surroundings as it had been raining lightly through the night but not enough to wake us. I cooked us some slices of bacon, had a tea, Sid had a sniff around then I packed up camp and we headed off on what was going to be a tough day.

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The West Island Way – 2/3

(Stage 2) Kilchattan Bay – Port Bannatyne

Leaving Kilchattan Bay heading towards Stravanan Bay

The second stage of the West Island Way, as I broke it down, takes you from Kilchattan Bay to an area located south west of Port Bannatyne, a small coastal town on the island. The combination of the Kilchattan Bay Circular and this stage finds you walking a distance of around fifteen miles (half of the total route) which is achievable in one day for an average hiker like myself.

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